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That's life

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I think it's my fave Sinatra tune and it was randomly playing in my head the other day. I had to listen to it to make it stop. 

The next day I was taking Mason for a walk. At street level of my house there's some stores and a thrift store/café. 

While Mason was pissing I was casually looking into the thrift store window and saw this

IMG 20230218 162916 511


Now you have to hear it too!!

Have a great weekend folks! 

Topic starter Posted : 18/02/2023 5:43 pm
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.."there are no coincidences"..

which this nicely proves out

(altho there's a psychic link-up to it as i'm sure you know..can tell)


Posted : 20/02/2023 9:23 pm
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It put a smile on my face ☺️

Topic starter Posted : 21/02/2023 9:57 pm
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Funny how energy works. 

im a bit obsessed with King George the Fifth.. always weird shit with him. Last week I bought a packet of chips and I turned them around and there he was on the packet with Tsar Nicholas the 2nd. I love them both as they looked like twins, they were first cousins. I love their beards.



Posted : 26/02/2023 12:29 am
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One of my coworkers lives up the street from my house. I asked her which house it was and she told me 35, the street number.

As I was walking Mason the other day I thought we'd walk past her house, but forgot the number.

At that moment a truck pulling a trailer passed. On the trailer was an old race car, (they use old cars and have races on the ice) and on the side of that car was a big 35.

Oh that's right, I thought. "Thank you"


Topic starter Posted : 26/02/2023 12:13 pm

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