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UFOs sightings have left witnesses with radiation burns, brain damage and 'perceived time suspension', according to interviews in newly released Pentagon report from 2010

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@cynicalabsurdance "My point is that all problems concerning UFO's, are all generated out of Government instigation."


Isn't that just the standard globally. I've yet to see a situation the govt can't make worse by simply getting involved.

Posted : 17/04/2022 11:22 am
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Posted : 17/04/2022 6:18 pm
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Watch to the end, it's special.


Every once in a somewhat special slot in time, some oddity comes along and pops the Bubble

of common place Normal.


It may happen to you at any moment, or, never happen at all in your time.


In 1959, at 1337 W. Gauge Ave Los Angeles Calif.


a Special Slot in Time arrived.


My ride with Nordics ( Tall white E.T.'s ) popped the Bubble of Common Place Normal.


Funny to think of it, but I was Four Years old living in an entirely willfully ignorant home overseen by a so called Mother

whom hated her own children and never so much as explained anything about the World to them.


She ate, she shit I suppose ( personally I never checked her potty duties)

She watched T.V. ( mainly Soap Operas )

and beat her children at will with the most intense savagery.


Other Adults pointed out to her:" You're a Sadist"


and that describes her entire being perfectly.


So, when this Bubble Popper came along, I had no idea what "Normal" was in this World.

The Guide for us Kids ( Mother) being as she was, I was so ignorant, when the Lady of the Craft mentioned Gold, 

I had to ask: "What's Gold"


As we stood at the back door watching the Craft float over the back yard, I was not amazed, for, I had no concept

that such an event was not a Normal occurrence in this World ( it's a f__k of lot more normal then most would ever believe)


One of my sisters blurted out, "They must Be Angels" I had to ask: "whats an Angel"


We are talking here, pure zero argument about it, the most Ignorant environment possible.


What did amaze me, was the adults aboard the craft, actually paid interest in our existence, they actually talk to us

in a calm demeanor, with smiles, laughter, and asked us questions that made us feel acknowledged.


The Mother Element, or Unit, in our home spoke only one word to us children "NO!"


later her vocabulary increased to: " SHUT UP! I'm trying to watch my Soaps"

and sometimes she'd add a "get out of the House" at the end of that.


Aboard, for the first time in my sweet short four years in this Wazoo we call a World,

I was around Intelligent Life Forms, extremely Intelligent.


Both the Pilot and the Lady, took time and patience to explain things as we traveled together.


THAT, was NOT Normal to me, I felt their love and concern for us Children and it was at first almost eerie to my known



ok, as Charlie in above video explains, Earthlings and this World is irrelevant to their purposes.


Geo-Politics of this World is ignored, whether earthlings ever advance in their consciousness is no concern to them.


Nor is the so called "End is Neigh " of this World.


This planet as I've said, is a Way Port along a Journey,

It does have certain resources that they peruse, such as minerals.



they sure as hell are not visiting here to straighten out the Issues you create for yourselves.


Nope, it's a mater of:"it's your World, you deal with your shit, or eat your shit, leave us out of your shit"


"Why are they Here?" has as many answers as there are as many species of Travelers from other Worlds.


pick and or choose any answer you can conceive, you may hit, you may miss with any of those.


I suggest you don't even ask that question, They will not answer that for you, To them, you don't require that Knowledge

for them to get whatever they need to do, done here.


and they are correct, Earthlings as all of you know, cannot be trusted for shit, you suck at Integrity.


Back aboard now.


I have for decades wondered why The Nordics would take us, show us huge Treasure Deposits, some on Military Bases,

tell us to keep it secret until we recover those deposits, and then, on return to our Homes, drop us right into the Hands

of the Military, whom the Nordics KNOW will beat on the lives of us kids until the Pentagon gains access to every Treasure.


It didn't make sense to me, still doesn't make total sense to me, however, a few hints from other "Experiencers" have indeed shed some light

on the Motives of the Nordics in doing it that way.










Posted : 17/04/2022 8:38 pm
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I don't give a refried Frog Fart where you toss the dart at the Timelines of this Worlds history,

past, present or Future, no matter where it sticks, you will find it's all been "Mind Games" instigated from any given source,

upon Earths Humanity.


it is in your "Now" and will always be as it has always been, some f__king Clowns perpetrating constant Mind Games

on unsuspecting, far too trusting, Humanity.PERIOD!


Covid f__kery being the current shit.


Any timeline you study, with a critical mindset skill, will be found/discovered, Mind Games in play, and without a freaking break

between one unto the next.


Why is that?


simple answer is the feeling of power that controllers receive from successful results of the Games.


Deeper Answers involve the Nature of the Beast properties


So why the Excursion to Gold Deposits and drop off into the hands of the enemy?


That is not as simple to answer, it's a Jump perhaps far too high to get over for the Human (Earthling) Mind.


first point is, they don't engage in anything that is meaningless to them, their minds do not work as Earthling's Minds.

Frivolous is not in the DNA of their being.


Projects are set by Pragmatism, not for Jollies.


The Nordics, as pointed out, will not acknowledge an Earthling unless they require something out of contact with them,

Earthlings just do not matter to them otherwise.


To piece an answer together for what purpose they had in the Venture They involved me in, as per rote, starting at point A

to examine the primal piece, moving on to future life time events, it stands void of important dots to connect.


Those dots, were blocked by Hypnotic Memory Blocks applied to me and the other Passengers by

once again,,, there's the enemy,,, >>>------> U.S. Intelligence Agencies.


With the dots I've recovered so far, The Nordics incentives and motives that birthed the Project, had more to do with

punishment of U.S. Gov.'t Entities than it had to do with Gifting Children with massive Gold Hoards.




<-----<<< Photo of U.S. Intel Soldier sitting atop Gold Bars that were stolen by U.S. Intel in Iraq.



Posted : 17/04/2022 9:23 pm
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I have always been on the Radar of the "Defense Intelligence agency" since that contact in 1959, for the

reason of those Repositories of Ancient Treasure.


Harassed, Kidnapped many times by those agents, tortured and it wasn't waterboarding Mr.Bushey Poo,

Stalked and Monitored.


I have endured even Dental Implants they co-vertly installed.


so let's fucking roll on their asses and  expose one of the Elements involved that gave the Nordics incentive to Run

on the U.S. Government and it's Agencies, one of the creatively magnanimous Orchestrated Theatrics of this Time Period.


I haven't a concise enough display of all the reasons, as stated, I only remember a certain amount of the Dots

to gain the entire Picture, but, we have a start.


The Nordic instructions to gain access to the repositories included these points


1. I will receive the "Go" to make the grab , after My 21st Birthday, no way I or anyone could recover any of it until I reached that age.


result: That would cause the D.I.A. a 17 year wait, where they would have to watch over me constantly.


2. My Dad was in the Mountains with friends on a Treasure, we hovered right above them in Soledad Canyon of the Organ Mountains

he had left us kids just before my Birth, and was running from Child Support he didn't want to pay.


why is that a pertinent point?


dig this shit, as we watched them, I asked how will I find this place and the gold?

She told me as she pointed at my Dad and Friends, they'll find it, but they won't be able to take it, we'll stop them,

your Dad will show you the site when you turn 21.


This will amuse you, that info passed to the D.I.A. would incite that agency to seek out my Dad and attempt through Crimes

to get any info out of him on the Location  of the Treasure, so,,,,, Dad who abandons his Children, receives a Karma Kick to his Pussy.


Nordic Justice is so poetic, is it not?


further points to be revealed later, I too tired, recounting this shit is very draining on me.

Posted : 17/04/2022 10:07 pm
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Posted by: @cynicalabsurdance

"Video unavailable in your country"

Gaah! Will watch later on Epic Browser.


Posted : 18/04/2022 11:21 am
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Posted by: @strigoi

Will watch later on Epic Browser.

You really should, it's a fascinating interview. Blink  

Posted : 18/04/2022 2:00 pm
Jay Rodney
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Great video Rog'!

Those Nordic types seem culturally very different from us hairless monkeys.

Posted : 18/04/2022 3:55 pm
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Charlie had a couple of points that I suppose he may never have had the experience to give a correct answer for.


First was his statement that the Craft do not time travel, well, maybe not to his knowledge, but also, Nordics of the race I rode with,

wouldn't want it known by Earthlings, so there's that.


On that subject of Time Travel, I can state in all truth, we did travel time, both forward and back in time, it was a trip to watch me

hiking through Soledad Canyon in 2002, and the ride was taken in 1996. so that's 6 years into the Future.


If ya think about it, imagine, you are watching a "You" in the future from the past, and you don't like the Hat you're wearing in the future LOL.


Not that trip, I don't believe, but on another ride, same Canyon, we reversed in time and we were watching Men Taking Gold Bars

from two wheeled Carts into a Cave and stacking them there, they had a daisy chain of Men in a line, handing off Bars to each other

and into the Cave.


Reason we went back to watch this, was my question: "who put this stuff in all these caves, who what when where why, the five average questions.


This is example of just how easy those Craft Travel time, want the answer? No problem, we'll take you back in time and show you, save a bunch of words.


Pondering Charlies statement about time travel, I figured either they kept that out of his awareness, or,,, different species or people from

a different world. I mean, that's possible, not all Human types have to be from the same World, not even the same Country as on this planet.


either way, The folks I kicked it with, for a fact, time travel not only on the Craft, But out of body as well.


I stated long ago, that they have the Ability to Manipulate Atoms, think this way, Vibrational  Tonal Harmonics, might be how it's done,

the Tone and Vibration separates the atoms which are tiny, walk through a wall and they rejoin/collect on the other side, "Beam me up Scotty Style"


The Beam was demonstrated to me in the Organ Mountains where they hit a large flat top boulder covering a vertical shaft, lifted it and set it aside

to reveal the contents in the Vertical Shaft.


The second thing Charlie mentioned was when the Lady used a small weapon to beam a C.I.A. Agent into submission, that actually

can be done with telepathic Mind Power, I did the same thing to a C.I.A. Agent in 1960 when he threatened to kill my Mother if I didn't

tell them where the Treasure was located, Scrambled his Mind I did. I did that using my Mind only.


On the small weapon they carry, if they don't want it known that they do this using their minds, they may think to use a Prop Weapon

to cover that fact, again, either way, it is done.


Readers may recall the event I wrote, where, yes again C.I.A. Agents, one of which pointed his Gun at my head screaming we have to kill him,

he's working for them, meaning the Occupants of the Craft, They beamed his hand with a DEW Weapon and fried it from the inside out, he is still

alive today, and his Hand is like a Crab Claw still.


He thought they heated up the Gun, wrong, nope, they Micro-Waved his Hand, it was burning from the inside out, not outside in,

and the metal of the gun was COLD when I snatched it up as he dropped it.


Alrighty then, we can expect testimonies from various experiencers to have a few mismatches for the fact that The Aliens control

the dialogue and Theatrics for security reasons, think, the less the War Heads of this World know about how it's done, the greater the chance

they'll never weaponize it, right?


Plus, faster then light travel in the Hands of Brutal Minds, is just asking for a Train Wreck , if "Space Force" obtains that Tech,

No doubt, for a Fact, they'll take their Wars off this planet to other innocent peaceful Worlds,


I do know, that there is a certain Group of Craft positioned, watching, to make sure that Train Wreck remains where it belongs,,,,


Here, where it breeds and breaths like Lab Created Frankensteins on a Destruction Course with Life.


case in point, photo below


we turn this>>>>------>

12230182096 c2b6b3a987 b

 into this>>>------->

istockphoto 955124060 170667a


istockphoto 955124060 170667a







Posted : 18/04/2022 5:17 pm
Jay Rodney
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Until such time as everything is not all about money and power I'd agree, we've got no business in space beyond the local solar system.

Posted : 18/04/2022 6:29 pm
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check out this Mod and his tiny dick threats of Banning LOL


cynically absurd Wrote: you're talking to three different people with that post LOL

quote: Actually you were banned for being a passive aggressive prick.

God makes Passive aggressive pricks too, I got my god given right to be a prick

if that is disturbing, take it up with God not me. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

write ya song MisterT-Dub dude

~~~~ Platform Master ~~~~

She takes away her sighs
each time a member lies

Her Silk covered Walls provide security
against the Word Games

Feel her mind, be that guide
Open her up to the Brighter side

Chrystal haze surrounds her Head
Bars her door from typed words she's read

Every word can be an assault
but not meant to be, just comes by

her paranoid default

she's on defense against spoken word
she's programed that way, worries at all she's heard

Ya gotta find a safe place to post
but how can she, when every word hides a Ghost

I've taken time to explain
God made even the Passive Aggressive
as well as all the insane

No word can I give
to release her from the fear
every word spoken, attacks her
like a forging of her fears

Time will tell, if you'll listen with intent

Speaking your mind, until reason is spent

is fine for twitter, facebook, and BTF

I'd write more, but it's time to rest~~~~~~~~End

it's really good to see y'all breathing life into a senseless thread this way.

Munch the Mod quote: Maybe you have a God given right to goad the staff on a forum you have contributed little or nothing to...

But, the Admin that have contributed here, have the right to stop you from contributing negative things that are senselessly goading our Admin...

Think of that before you continue to challenge the owners of the forum, just because it feels good and for no deserved reason other than being a nuisance, flexing muscles that you don't really have here...

Yes that's a ban warning - in case you think we can't - WE CAN & WILL...

WTF is it with people challenging Admins to duals this week..?




Me laughing my ass into hysteria: "Munch, are you fucking delusional like a Drunk in a Cartoon Temple?

Ban this motherfucker right here.

you take this pop-stand seriously?

it's a Cartoon, just a place to type and read, it ain't my freaking Bible dude.

now, down the rest of that Pint and hit BAN!

the fuck you think you're relevant? you're a Drunk Brit, not Biden Lmao 

gawd dammed stupid of you to  even make a statement in my direction,

do that shit to people who fear your threats.

save your wind ya fat little dweeb.

and get off that Fat Farm Cellulite Hatchery you call your ass, get some exercise,

see ya's Munch Lmao


end spat between myself and a Drunken British Fat Lady with a Dick.



Posted : 18/04/2022 7:05 pm
Jay Rodney
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Dang, did you go and bruise some bananas ego passive aggressive style again? Rofl2  

Not sure I wanna' know where or what that place is.

Awkward Season 4 GIF by The Office
Posted : 18/04/2022 7:22 pm
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added the above just to do it, had to take a break from topic, listen to music, and go over to a forum to stir fry some shit.


Good therapy, I want ya to happen to know. Cheers

Posted : 18/04/2022 7:29 pm
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quote: Not sure I wanna' know where or what that place is.


answer: think of it this way, a list


1. The Aviary

2. Eagles disobey

3. Proxy whore refuge


get it?

almost same members of same team.


The Spoof Squad

creating Spoof bullshit for study of ??????


anything found in replies to subject matter, Psychological Data Gleaning.


real simple.

Posted : 19/04/2022 6:45 pm
Jay Rodney
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Ha ha...beagles disobey... and pee on the floor presumably.

Are they still around?

Haven't thought about that stuff in a very long time.

Posted : 19/04/2022 7:12 pm
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