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Mashed potato thrown over £96,000,000 Monet painting

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Climate change activists have thrown mashed potatoes at Claude Monet’s ‘Les Meules’ painting before gluing themselves to the floor.

The two Letzte Generation (Last Generation) campaigners entered Potsdam’s Barberini museum in Germany this afternoon in high vis jackets.

Dramatic video footage shows the moment the pair throw mashed potatoes all over the historic piece of art.

They lob two bowls of liquified potato at it before gluing their hands to the floor.

It remains unclear if the artwork was damaged or if it is behind protective glass.

Whats this world coming to? Damaging priceless artwork, very sad. Sign of the times

Topic starter Posted : 23/10/2022 6:02 pm
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I don't see how this is helping their cause. They're idiots and they make people hate them AND their cause

Posted : 24/10/2022 4:50 pm

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