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Happy Birthday!!

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Posted by: @uniquestranger
Posted by: @octo

You know who you are! Happy Birthday Wine  

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Thanks for the birthday wishes, damn Octo you sure have a type of man.

It's Aquaman, for all you Pisceans out there Giggle  


Topic starter Posted : 12/03/2022 11:23 am
Jay Rodney
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I resemble one of those Pisceans.

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Posted : 12/03/2022 4:31 pm
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WTF? Year 2022 will be bad for Pisceans. Anonymous   I'll just make more of an effort to search for the silver lining.


10. Pisces

Unfortunately, 2022 will not be the best year for you, Pisces. You will find yourself mentally disturbed and agitated for most of the year. You will be quick to anger and might also suffer from anxiety. Things will not exactly go your way and that will breed more misery in your life. This constant inundation of challenges and failures might make you apathetic but we would advise you not to succumb to it. There is a silver lining somewhere, you need only search for it.


Ranking Lucky Zodiac Signs In 2022 As Per Astrology (

Power without abuse loses it's charm.

Posted : 14/03/2022 4:47 pm
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